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Staging Is A Proven Marketing Advantage

Staging is a proven marketing advantage

Excerpt from the Denver Post, July 27, 2004: Joy Valentine, a California broker, was curious to know if home staging made an impact when selling houses. In 1999 and 2002 she surveyed about 3,000 homes in all price ranges. Both times, on average, staged homes sold in about half the time and for more money, often tens of thousands of dollars, as their non-staged counterparts.

According to real estate guru Barbara Corcoran, home staging can raise your selling price anywhere from 5-20% and costs far less than your first price reduction.

Staging is an investment that pays for itself. Unstaged homes cannot compete with their staged counterparts and they tend to linger on the market. Buyer interest goes down when houses remain unsold.

As an analogy between staged and unstaged houses, take two comparable cars for sale: One was detailed inside and out and looks showroom new; the other is dirty and has dents and scratches. Which one would sell for top dollar? Which one would you buy?

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