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About Home Staging

About home staging

Home staging is a huge marketing advantage to maximize a home’s value to sell quickly and for top dollar by appealing to most buyers. Aesthetic improvements enhance the look and feel-good emotion in each room so buyers will want to buy your house.

How do you convert a well lived-in house to a showplace that gets buyers’ attention?

Unless your home already has curb appeal and is in move-in condition, you may lose out to nearby houses that show well. There’s nothing sadder than a For Sale sign that stays up month after month until real estate agents stop showing it.

Click on Home Staging pages My Staging ProcessStaging is a Proven Advantage and Read My Published Article for more information.

I am thrilled with everything you did to stage my home for sale! My house looks so much better. I received multiple offers, it sold in 19 days at almost full asking price [in a buyers’ market] and the buyers had looked at 52 homes!

Karen Gibson

There’s a psychology to home buying. People want to fall in love with their new home. It’s all about first impressions. Buyers do not want to see how you live in the house; they need to picture how they would live there.  Don’t expect them to imagine how it could look.

I understand what your target buyers really want. They must feel an emotional connection to your house. I know how to make every room feel inviting, bigger and brighter. I’ll give your place the wow factor that stirs buyers’ emotions from the moment they arrive. They’ll make a generous offer because they won’t want to risk losing it!

Thank you for the excellent job you did in staging my house. I [should] have sought out your assistance before I put my house on the market. I lost several potential buyers by waiting. It showed off as a much more spacious house after we made the changes you recommended. Shortly after staging, we received our first offer–by then the house had been on the market for almost 4 months.

Caroline McVitty

My staging transformations are designed to capture buyers’ hearts and imaginations —and that translates to multiple offers.

Let’s get your home sold—fast!

Download 15 Essential Home Staging Tips for a Quick, Top-Dollar Sale

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