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Get Organized At Work

Get organized at work

Puzzled by how to maximize productivity and profits? Is disorganization eroding your bottom-line results?

Executives, on average, lose one hour every day due to disorganization. Ditto for employees. How does that impact your bottom line? It’s a staggering loss of 12% in labor costs alone! Time is wasted on tasks of little consequence, looking for critical documents, duplicating work, making important business decisions based on incomplete information and so on.

Added to that are direct costs for things like unnecessary supply orders, overnight deliveries, and late payment fees. It’s impossible to measure lost revenue caused by missed opportunities, lack of response to key contacts and losing business to your more organized competitors. Many of these costs can be eliminated with efficient systems and smarter habits.

To be successful you must be organized, be an efficient time manager, and able to work effectively. Your desk, papers, digital information, and space should be functional and free of clutter. Organizing offices is my extra-specialty, especially paper management.

You will be able to find any paper in 10 seconds or less, 90% of the time, with my customized filing systems. Ask me how.

“Adriane’s help to organize my office was invaluable. I am now able to use my time much more efficiently to run my company, including all eight of the locations I oversee.”

Robert Cox, Principal

Are you ready to stop the hemorrhage and boost your bottom line? Whether you are part of a corporation, have a small to mid-sized company or are a solo practitioner, there’s An Organized Approach™ for you.

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You’ll learn key organizing principles, new habits and simple systems. The result will be a finely tuned workplace where:

• Everything can be instantly retrieved
• Interruptions are minimized
• Time is well prioritized

“It has become a pleasure to work at my desk and I enjoy the look of my office each day.  With [Adriane’s] help you can accomplish a great deal that you would never get around to on your own. Adriane is fun to work with.”

Scott Rankin, President, Vulcan Spring & Mfg. Co.

Imagine no more piles to look through and all processes have a smooth flow. You and your team will get more done and feel great every day about your productivity.

“I shudder to think where we would be now as an organization if someone as capable as you had not been there to help us essentially set up from scratch a way to organize literally thousands of papers and files. You are excellent at what you do and I will be forever grateful for the service that you provided.”

Nicola Tollett Jefferson, President and Founding Executive Director, TAP of Chester

Being organized maximizes productivity and bottom-line results. Your business will be instantly rewarded by:

• Reduced expenses
• Increased productivity
• Bigger profits

Overwhelmed by clutter?  Download 6 Easy Steps to Declutter Any Room

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