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Clothes ChairWhat’s a clothes chair, you ask? It’s the bedroom chair you intended to use to relax and unwind from busy days – read a book, meditate, watch TV, listen to music – that’s perpetually buried under a pile of clothes. They are the not-quite-dirty clothes that you’ll wear again soon but don’t want to mix with the clean clothes. There’s actually a term for this: gray space clothing, neither laundry fresh nor laundry ready.

It’s been reported that Bernie Sanders, Vermont Senator, has a clothes chair. Now you know.

The clothes chair certainly doesn’t add to the aesthetics of your bedroom. But, if it doesn’t bother you, or the person who shares your bedroom, it’s fine. But if it’s become a source of irritation, here are some solutions.

Back-of-door/wall hooks

Wall/door hooks









Coat stand

Coat stand









There are also lots of choices for over-the-door hooks, another option to keep gray space clothing off the clothes chair. Here’s a link to some at The Container Store.

My house has a second-floor laundry room just outside my bedroom. Lightly worn clothes are neatly folded on top of the washer and dryer. For me, it’s the perfect solution for keeping gray space clothing handy but out of sight.

If your issue is having too many clothes, here’s a link to a blog post I wrote in 2019 on places to donate or sell. (During Covid, you’ll need to find out their status and policies.)

Spring arrived on March 20 which, for many, brings spring organizing to mind. I hope these ideas will motivate you to create a peaceful bedroom to relax and get good nights’ sleep.

Adriane Weinberg

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