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Clean Out Your Closet Week is recognized in March. Are you ready to tackle yours?

To start the process, label containers Donate, Recycle, Homeless (for anything that doesn’t belong in the closet) and Unsure (use this one sparingly). Use a garbage bag for trash. Here are 13 easy tips.

1.   Have a specific objective (e.g., be able to store clothing and accessories without overcrowding to be able to quickly find and put things away).
2.   Plan the space and assign homes for your things.
3.   Pick a corner of the closet to start decluttering. If there is too much stuff to access the closet, start with what’s in front of you.
4.   Grab the first item and decide where it goes, either in one of the containers or in its home in the closet. Continue with things on the floor, shelves and hanging on the rod until your objective is met.
5.   Eliminate everything that is not worn (for whatever reason), torn (mend it), stained (clean it), doesn’t fit (donate it) or beyond repair (toss it). If clothes are too small and only if it’s very likely you will fit into and wear them again, store them in a labeled bin. Otherwise they are just daily negative reinforcement. To save space, pack the too-small things in labeled bins and store them elsewhere.
6.   Group similar items (short tops, long tops pants, suits) in an order that makes sense to you.
7.   If it’s clutter, it goes. I define clutter as anything that is not useful or enjoyable and takes up space without serving any real purpose.
8.   To contain groups of items, use organizing products for shoes, sweaters, handbags and so on. See Scarf Organizer (below).
9.   Decluttering is just a first step. To be organized, it’s crucial to create and follow systems, habits and rules to live by (as I call them) that work for you.
10.  Use vertical space above the rod for storage, raise the rod for more accessible floor storage, and see the Closet Rod Doubler (below) to double hanging space.
11.  Do not take back anything you removed! Take out the trash, bring donations to your favorite charity and get your tax-deductible receipt, and distribute things in the Homeless box.
12.  Maintenance is the key to long-term success so immediately return things to their homes.
13.  Reward yourself with a special treat for a job well done!

Product of the Month*

Closet Rod Doubler














Need more space for hanging clothes? No problem. The closet rod doubler simply hangs from the main rod, instantly doubling that hanging space. It’s super-easy to install; no tools are necessary. Both height and width are adjustable. This one sells for $19.99 at The Container Store. Click here.

Bonus Product*

Scarf Organizer

Scarf Organizer

Scarves are in vogue this spring. If you are unhappy with how yours are stored, a scarf organizer makes storage simple–and colorful. Organize them by designer, color, size or material. Try this product for jewelry and belts and, for the guys, ties. You can buy this one for $5.99 at The Container Store. Click here.


Notable Quote

“Take pride in how far you have come. Have faith in how far you can go.”  ~ Author unknown


*Product mentions are provided as a courtesy.  No endorsement by An Organized Approach™ is made or implied.


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