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COVID-19. Coronavirus. Pandemic. Scary Words. A very scary time. But there’s an upside. Keep reading for tips to help you stay positive during COVID-19.

We’re hunkered down at home. We’re worried about catching a deadly disease at the grocery store. Every cough is reason for concern.

It’s normal to feel a loss of control, disconnected, afraid, depressed, short-tempered, lethargic. Maybe you’re not sleeping well. Worrying too much. Eating too much comfort food (yup).

Our lives are upside down. Is it Saturday? Tuesday? Does it matter? We have two time zones: Today and Not Today.

How many times have you said, “I’ll (fill in the blank) when I have spare time.” That time is now! Don’t waste this rare gift of time to do things you’ve put off in favor of fun, interesting or urgent things.

My first COVID-19 project: I deep cleaned the fridge and wow, it looks great! So, the next day I cleaned the outside, which led to the countertop oven, then the range, the dishwasher, toaster, sink faucet and soap dispensers, and trash can. Now that my stainless-steel appliances look new, I don’t want to mess them up!

As a professional organizer for 20 years, things around here are organized. But there’s always more to do. I’m organizing things I’d been too busy or unmotivated to do. Plus, I want to make things easier for my family, should the worst happen.

A nice side effect: Organizing and cleaning clear my worried mind because I’m completely focused on what I’m doing. They’re brief vacations from reality.

Organizing project tips

  • Declutter a small space, like the junk drawer or coat closet, to start. Empty the contents, group similar items, toss, donate or recycle what’s not needed, and return the keepers. Products with compartments will keep things sorted. Continue with the next space and so on.
  • Avoid overdoing it with the Pomodoro Technique: Set a timer to break work into 25-minute segments separated by short breaks.
  • If you don’t have a home office, create one. Use a kitchen counter or corner of the dining room. Gather office supplies and arrange the space according to what works for you.
  • Some donations are being accepted (double-check all locations beforehand).
    • Soles4Souls New and gently worn shoes are distributed throughout the U.S. and the world (through Zappos For Good during COVID-19). Pack shoes in a box, print a FREE shipping label and drop off at a UPS location.
    • Give Back Box Pack empty shipping boxes with unwanted clothes and household items, print a FREE shipping label, and drop it off at a UPS, USPS or FedEx
    • Or, keep donations until sites reopen.

Ways to be healthy and stay positive during COVID-19

  • Be kind to yourself – you’re doing the best you can
  • Maintain relationships virtually by phone or video chat
  • Create a daily routine that’s as close to normal as possible
  • Disconnect from technology, work, news (and maybe your family!)
  • Exercise at home or go for a walk if feasible, and keep a social distance
  • Do mentally challenging exercises (crossword puzzles, Scrabble)
  • Read books you’ve been meaning to get to
  • Binge watch TV shows
  • Experiment with new recipes (read my post on organizing food during Coronavirus)
  • Take an online course (All Eight Ivy League schools offer FREE online courses)
  • Meditation, yoga

After the pandemic passes, you’ll be glad you accomplished things when you had the chance. You’ll gain time and maybe much needed space, and have less stress.

I can help you get your home or office organized working virtually by phone, Zoom or Facetime. Contact me to schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation on your most challenging task (215.540.9401 or

Stay well. Stay safe. Stay home.

Adriane Weinberg

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